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Domestic Violence Assault charges have dramatically increased in the years since the OJ Simpson case. And, so has the conviction rates. The legislature in our great state has taken an aggressive stance on both domestic and workplace violence. Convictions for assault have greatly increased over the last 10 years, along with mandatory jail time for any arrested offenders regardless of sex.

Washington state and Thurston County have taken a position that this is a very serious crime that will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by local law enforcement. This has become so serious that Thurston County and the City of Olympia have set up special courts for Domestic Violence Assault prosecutions.

State law now requires an arrest by the local police department within the first twelve hours of any person alleged to have committed an act of Domestic Violence Assault. This individual is given a ticket by the arresting officer and placed in jail. The defendant is allowed to see a judge within one working day. Persons arrested on a weekend will be in jail until Monday afternoon. The domestic violence judge then decides whether or not to set bail, and the amount of bail required depends on the amount and types of charges that have been brought.

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Persons who are not located by the police during the first twelve hours are not subject to the mandatory arrests provisions of the statute. Often a ticket will be issued to these individuals by mail from the prosecutor’s office.

Our office STRONGLY recommends that if you have been charged with Domestic Violence Assault that you enter a plea of not guilty at your arraignment. This preserves your right to have a review of your case by your attorney, a judge or a jury.

Many individuals, such as those employed as police officers or active duty military servicemen, cannot afford a Domestic Violence Assault conviction since such crimes will prohibit them from the ownership or use of a firearm.

After a plea of not guilty, your case will be set for a Pretrial. This is a plea offer hearing in which the court finds out if we can resolve your case or if the matter needs to proceed to trial. Most cases are resolved at the Pretrial.

Our legal team has represented many people charged with Domestic Violence Assault in our local courts. A one half hour consultation can be arranged for the person who has been charged or for a family member. Call our office as quickly as possible to preserve your rights: (360) 325-4553.